sunday brunch farmers market: every sunday 11-3pm (Behind the pour house)

This is one of our favorite events that happens all year round! Here is where you will learn what is compostable, recyclable, and trash. You'll also have the opportunity to share your passion for the environment by advocating for less waste in the landfill!

COMPOST DAZE: 10 am (mitchell elementary, 2 perry st.)

Every second Saturday we host a work day at one of our partnering gardens to ensure their 'Compost Quarters' are getting the nutrients it needs. This is a great opportunity to see first hand how organic waste breaks down into healthy compost and how you can do the same thing in your very own backyard. We also help with the upkeep of each garden by weeding and picking up litter. 

Social media all day conference (smad-con):

thursday - friday July 19 & 20, 2018

(Charleston area convention center, North Charleston)

We are teaming up with the creative people of SMAD Con to make this event as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible! Speakers from all over the world will be presenting for two days on how to make a positive impact through the wonderful world of social media. They've asked us to manage the waste stream, and with this big of an event, we needs lots of hands! There will be more details (time of shifts, logistics, etc) coming soon! 



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Your donation allows us to connect people to the necessary resources for composting at home, as well as building the supplies and a curriculum for composting in classrooms.