Nathan Burnell- 'post master general

Compost Ranger's main man, Nathan, started this organization from the inside of Charleston's local restaurants. With years of experience in the kitchen, he noticed that most, if not all of the food was going straight into the trashcan despite its quality. His passion for Mother Earth is what drove him to make positive changes to the way we throw things out. Now, you can find him in either the garden or at the farmers market encouraging people to rethink their waste! 

Waste is not the end, but the beginning of something greater.
— Nathan Burnell


Mark rasmussen - chief 'post officer

Mark has had a love for the outdoors since he was a wee lad as he grew up hunting, fishing, hiking, and generally getting dirty. After studying environmental science in the great state of Vermont, he came to The Holy City to pursue a Masters of Environmental Studies from The College of Charleston. Upon graduating and working for a data-marketing firm - that has nothing to do with the environment - Mark finally gave in and decided he had to do something. After many nights of drafting up a business plan with Nathan, Compost Rangers was born out of necessity. 

There is so much value in this world that is simply overlooked.
— Mark Rasmussen


SARAH ROZA - 'post publisher

Sarah first came to Compost Rangers as a volunteer to help her friends out in the gardens in her free time. An avid nature lover and supporter of all things local, she knew she had to get more involved than just the occasional work day. With a background in Arts Management, we knew her creativity would be a great benefit to the team. She now works on all social media content, as well as all communications and administrative tasks. And she married the handsome Nathan Burnell.

By rethinking what I throw out now, I can physically see how food scraps from the kitchen can turn into an abundance of beautiful new soil in my own backyard.
— Sarah Roza

Whitney jordan - 'post ranger angel

One of the founding members of Compost Rangers, Whitney unfortunately left this life far too soon in July of 2016 before she got the chance to really see the positive impacts of her efforts. Read about her involvement and how much she touched our lives just by being a part of it.