Post Compost Con

What a whirlwind last month was at the USCC Compost Conference in Atlanta, GA! We’ve never been to anything like this before, so we didn’t really know what to expect - but man, did we learn A LOT. Our main objective of attending was to take home $5,000 from the Emerging Composter Challenge, however we didn’t quite make the cut. We’re so thankful to have even presented our business pitch as the competition was pretty stiff. It was much needed practice, too. 


We presented our business pitch 3 times to 6 judges. Each time we did it, of course the nerves started to disappear and we got a little more confident. We spoke about the lack of residential composting programs in Charleston, and how we are here to help alleviate the amount of food waste that goes from individual kitchens straight to the local landfill. There is no one else in the area who provides the kind of services that we do - which is why it’s so so so important for us to continue doing what we love.

There were organizations from all over the east coast presenting on similar scale community composting. Not having been to the conference before, we felt like we were totally alone in this world battling the societal norm to throw everything into a landfill. We can say for certain, we are NOT alone! Composting is slowly but surely making a comeback. And we are so proud to be a part of the movement. We are not slowing down now; join us so you can help make a difference, too!

Check out these community composter's around the country who are putting in the hours and sweat to rethink what we throw out:

Let Us Compost - Athens, GA

Common Ground Compost - NYC

Rust Belt Riders - Cleveland, OH

Scraps Mile High - Denver, CO

Compostwheels - Atlanta, GA

Compost Pedallers - Austin, TX

Compost Community - Tallahassee, FL

There are so many more out there!

All it takes is a google search to see if there is a composter in your area. 


USCC Emerging Composters Challenge

Sometime last year, we learned about the US Compost Council - a national non profit trade and professional organization that promotes the recycling of organic matter through composting. Basically anyone who's anyone in the composting industry is part of this very large network of environmentalists and soil lovers. There's tons of great benefits to being a member, one of which is the annual Compost Conference. This year it's located in Atlanta and we get to be a part of it! 

Not only are we going as new members and attendees, but we were also accepted into their first ever Emerging Composters Challenge! We applied in December - with probably hundreds of other composting businesses - and we got in! This challenge is a business pitch style competition for up and coming organizations in the compost industry. Nine teams were selected from all over the east coast. We couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity to fine tune our professionalism as well as learn from the top people in the field. 

The Compost Conference begins next Tuesday, January 23rd and runs throughout the week. We’ll have a set up that morning where we’ll pitch our business plan to three sets of judges for 5 minutes each. Once everyone has made heir pitch, the judges will decide on three teams to move on to the final round on Wednesday, January 24th. If we’re part of the three teams, we’ll pitch our business plan again during the closing ceremony of the conference on stage in front of the public. Fingers crossed Ranger Nate doesn’t get stage fright!

Wish us luck! 



New Logo!

We have been so busy doing all the dirty work of collecting compost in 2017, that we unintentionally put social media on the back burner. This year, our resolution is to have more of an online presence to help debunk the popular myths of food waste. In order to make a bigger and better impact, we decided to completely re-brand. We're proud to introduce our new logo! Let us know what you think. We'll have more graphic designs coming soon!



Charleston Mag!

In the fall of 2017, we were approached by Charleston Magazine to be a part of their Giving Back segment in their October edition. Obviously, we couldn't pass that up! Ranger Nate and Ranger Sarah had a phone interview with writer Enid Spitz while they drove to Savannah, GA to celebrate their soon to be marriage. Shortly after that, the October edition hit the shelves all over town with their article on page 62. Read all the glory here