Get the dirt...

We are a grassroots compost initiative in Charleston, SC that inspires the community to rethink what they throw out. What was once a passion project, is now an up and coming non-profit organization that focuses on educating the masses on how to sort waste and why it's important for the environment. We accomplish this by offering multiple services that actively diverts organic materials from the local landfill. These services include: 1) managing the waste stream at events such as, farmers markets, fundraisers, and education fairs, 2) providing residential solutions for both homeowners and renters.



Compost Collection Membership - drop off your food waste with us each week at the Sunday Brunch Farmers Market located at the Pour House (1977 Maybank Hwy). For $25 donation you will get 1 Compost Rangers five-gallon bucket, 1 how-to magnet, stickers, and 5 drop off opportunities (once a week, every other week, once a month, etc). $15 donation after your first 5 drop offs. 

Backyard Compost Consultation - if you would like to start your own compost pile and raised bed system on your property, we'd be happy to build it! Please email us directly (compostrangers@gmail.com) to set up an appointment on site. 

Event Waste Recovery - let us take care of the food waste from your event! Please email us (compostrangers@gmail.com) for a quote on cost. 


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